More of the Ethiopian Groove

This is an update to a previous upload. I just cleaned up a few things here and there. Now’s the time to try to make a song. I want to thicken the atmosphere a bit still, to keep the interest since it’s just a groove, really.

I suppose I should give a little background on the samples… The main Ethiopian funk sample comes from a Mahmoud Ahmed song called Bemen Sebeb Letlash. It’s basically the first bar of the song. This guy called Gaslamp Killer, who makes a similar style of music as me, has a song that uses pretty much the whole song as a sample with the creepy voice of Gonja Sufi laid on top singing something or other. It’s called When I’m In Awe. I’m not sure where the break comes from, though. The sample’s filename is soul_chicken.wav if that helps.

More of that Ethiopian Groove by coherent.noise


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