In The Long Run, Liberals Always Win

Over time, and I mean decades, the Progressive movement always comes out the winner. The mainstream, even the conservative mainstream, I should note, takes for granted all sorts of progressive concepts from years past: Food safety, drug safety, public education, child labor laws, Social Security and Medicare for the elderly, national parks, and so on. None of these things are provided for in the Constitution, but we, as a country, prodded along by Progressives, have decided that they are valuable and even necessary for an advanced, prosperous society.

Interestingly, all these things were in their time derided as government takeovers and stiflers of innovation and economic prosperity.

I understand; it is the Conservative movement’s job to keep things from going out of control. It is certainly possible to go too far one way or another. Extremes are never good. But I’m happy to be on the winning side of history. I suppose conservatives can be proud of keeping the country from sliding into Communism or some such; but we will never know since it never happened. Just like how we will never know for sure if the stimulus worked, but we all say that the economy would have been worse without it.


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