CNC Painter Responds to Sound (and Critics, I guess)

I wondered why the thing is so freaking loud, but I see that it has piezo transducers on the motors and the artist routed them to the speakers. So it’s loud on purpose. And apparently it uses that sound to influence its creations.

There are some interesting notes on the artist’s website. There is some information, but not much, about how it uses what it hears to influence what it paints. What I always wonder about these things (generative art projects, I mean) is to what extent they are truly “generative” versus a lot of labor on the artist’s part to make it generate attractive outputs from the expected range of inputs. Or put another way, are they still as cool if you are aware that the generative art algorithm was programmed by the artist through trial and error until it generates pretty art? Or does it even matter?

Maybe that would be an interesting project in itself; show the piece, then show the guts, and see if people still feel the same about it. I suspect it will lose its magic.

Via the Make Magazine Blog (like always, it seems).


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