No, not steampunk.

Imagine, if you will, a world of iridescent goth mermaids. If you are in fact imagining as asked, those sights and sounds you see and hear are seapunk.

Hm. “Goth” may be too strong of a word. Or maybe it’s better to say it represents a part of seapunk. Think of my use of goth here not so much as black and brooding, but rather as just the more simplistic “weird.” Maybe I should have said “iridescent greasy punk mermaids from 1999.” Anyway, you get the picture.

It’s amazing how these things start. Who would have guessed seapunk would be a thing? How does a subculture arise around Neptunian (or pelagic? ha! nice one) colors and textures (both visual and aural)? How long ’til they start with smells, too (like that cologne in Seinfeld). CKONE always gave me that vibe. I’d be surprised if the seapunk kids aren’t wearing it already.

And how long will it all last?


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