Romney Approaches the Uncanny Valley

Watch out, robot dog, or robot Romney might strap you to the roof of his robot car when he goes on his robot family road trip!

People always make fun of Romney’s curious way of speaking. Perhaps the best example I can think of off the cuff is an interview where he said that, were he to coordinate with a Super PAC, he would “go to the big house,” meaning the clink, up the river, the lockup, the slammer. He sounds like a robot programmed to sound like a B actor cold-reading a script from a late ’30s radio show.

That robot thing is apparently, uh, a thing, now: Exhibit A. Basically, this (as far as I can tell unsubstantiated opinion) piece applies the theory of the uncanny valley to Romney’s weirdness. Basically (yes, basically) the uncanny valley explains why R2D2 is cute (yes, I provided a link for those of you who may have been hiding under a rock for the last 40 years) but something like a Realdoll (most definitely not safe for work) is creepy. In this case the theory is that, as we get to know Romney better and see in finer detail how he’s just a little bit off, we actually find ourselves more repulsed.

Anyway, pseudoscientific as it may be, I find the Romney-uncanny valley link amusing at least. We’ll see how it pans out now that Romney is finally on his way to be the nominee.

Via Slashdot


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