Light Transmission Through a Munny’s Head

I have one or two previous posts about using a blank vinyl Munny figurine from Kidrobot to host some interactive electronics. You might remember them, but I’m getting rolling again so here’s a little bit of a recap along with some new and improved photos. As part of my research, I needed to see if it would even be possible for the Munny to do what I needed, so I stuffed its head with a little color washing RGB LED kit I had sitting around:

RGB Munny Front View

And here’s a back view so you can really see what happened to the poor guy:

RGB Munny Back View

It works alright, but the LED on this board is not diffused so you can see hot spots on the top of the little fella’s head. So I procured some nicely diffused LED’s for my future attempts:

Big Diffused RGB LED

The Munny comes apart quite nicely, so it will be fairly easy to insert this LED directly into its head quite inconspicuously. I’ll keep you posted on the other developments, but if I keep adding to this post it will never get out.


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